Scrolling Teleprompter Software

Scrolling Teleprompter Software 7.0

Scrolls user-created texts on the PC's screen
7.0 (See all)
View your texts scrolled on the display in full resolution. Choose the colors of the text and background, determine the scrolling speed and select the desired font. Additional features include the ability to disable the screensaver while the text is still scrolling.

This software offers a solution to users who want to create on-camera video presentations without having to memorize lines. Perfect for webcam recordings or YouTube videos, this application will display and scroll your custom text at full-screen resolution on your computer monitor. There are features to change the font color, font size, font style, background color, scrolling speed and text alignment. With a collection of simple yet powerful features, this software will help you create productions that will look professional and unscripted.

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